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YVJ 2016 Vol 6

Article Youth challenges in the transition to adulthood in a South African township Ntokozo Mthembu
Article Young Catalans living in London:’You can make lots of money here, but it’s a very hostile city as well’ Clara Rubio & Tanja Strecker
Article Swimming Against the Tide: Suffering and Strengths of Homeless Youth Pushpanjali Dashora
Article To Build a Bridge: Myth and Legend to Reframe Mental Health in Young Adult Readers Toula Gordillo
Article Safe Spaces From a Materialist Feminist Standpoint: The Methods of Making HERstory Jennifer Job & Lena Khader
Article Challenges Facing Rural Youth and Young Adults and How Development Stakeholders Can Alleviate Those Hardships in Kenya Billystrom Jivetti, Wycliffe W. Njororai and Fletcher Njororai
Article Radicalisation and Subcultures: a Theoretical Analysis Elisa Impara
Article A codified constitution is a massive deal’: young people, deliberative democracy and A new Magna Carta? Royal Holloway Group PR3710
Article How Can Research Practice Promote Young People’s Recovery from Mental Illness? A Critical Look at The Australian Context Hense C., McFerran K., Killackey E., McGorry P.

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