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Thulane Gxubane (2019) The Role of Probation Officers in Enhancing Innovative and Sustainable Youth Entrepreneurship Promgrammes

Abstract Poor economic growth has failed to create job opportunities for many young people in many countries. This has led to the social exclusion of many young people, especially in … Continue reading

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Tengiz Verulava et al. (2019) Socialisation Among the Rural-to-Urban Migrant Students in Georgia

Abstract Purpose. Difficulties and stress associated with cultural adjustment are significant issues affecting the life experience of the rural-to-urban migrant students. They may experience problems such as culture shock, psycho-social … Continue reading

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Nicos Antoniades & Iris Mohr (2019) Political Capabilities as Drivers of Consumer Satisfaction: Approaching Millennial Needs

Abstract Though several studies show the connection between marketing and politics, critical questions remain unanswered. According to the Pew Research Center, United States (US) millennials are expected to surpass baby … Continue reading

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Ritu Narang & Sonal Tiwari (2019) Online Consumption of Video Streaming Portals by Indian Youth

Abstract Purpose: This research investigates the motives behind online television consumption and outcomes of its excessive use on youth. Design/Methodology/Approach: Data was gathered through interviews with University students. The concept mapping … Continue reading

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Jen Molloy (2019) Embedding Youth Participatory Action Research in the Implementation of Critical Restorative Justice in Schools

Abstract Purpose: As the implementation of restorative justice in educational settings proliferates around the world, researchers and practitioners alike are trying to determine what factors influence implementation that furthers the … Continue reading

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YVJ Puts Out an Open Call to Reviewers

Peer reviewer – Youth Voice Journal (YVJ) Job Description The Editor of the Youth Voice Journal (YVJ), Dr. Theo Gavrielides, is currently recruiting new reviewers to carry out double-blind reviews … Continue reading

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Oluchukwu C. Abana, Panagiotis Pentaris (2019) The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Children: A Review of the Literature

Abstract The increasing number of unaccompanied minor asylum children (UMAC) gives rise to social needs that the host nation is called to accommodate. Some of these needs are easier to … Continue reading

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Olaniran et al (2019) Disabilities Among Youths in Open and Distance Learning: Contexts, Concerns and Propositions

Abstract Open and Distance Education is believed by many as one of the keys to addressing critical problems facing higher education and skills development in developing nations. While there is … Continue reading

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Nguyen et al (2019) The Participation of Rural Youth in Smallholder Farming in Red River Delta, Vietnam

Abstract Smallholder farming which is the important source of employment as well as food security, has become a priority on the development agenda, focusing attention on the next generation of … Continue reading

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