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Tanja Dibou (2017) “Young Alawi in Syria: main values & identity”


Youth identity is of a  particular interest to research as the adoscelent years are the period when the core values and attitudes are often formed. This is also the period in which the  youth are quite sensitive to changes in society and are often more susceptible to be influenced. The main goal of the work is to analyze the values of young Alawites and explore how their identities are molded , as well as to analyze what it means for young people to be Alawi in Syria. Syrian Alawi youth identity and values were analyzed  through survey (observations and questionnaire). The survey shows what  the main values of Alawite youth are, what  the main categories of youth Alawite identity are, how open is the Syrian Alawite youth to inter-sectarian relations, and what it means to be young Alawite in modern Syrian society.

Keywords : Alawites, Alawites´ identity, young Alawites, Syrian youth, minorities of the Middle East

Feature image taken by Flickr under Creative Commons Licence – the original can be accessed here.

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