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Book Review of Cushman, K (2010) ‘Fires in the Mind: What Kids can tell us about Motivation and Mastery’, by Jack Lewars

Cushman, K. (2010) ‘Fires in the Mind: What Kids Can tell Us About Motivation and Mastery’ San Francisco: Jossey-Bass ISBN 978 -0- 470- 64603- 8,$24.95 U.S.  (Paperback) 187 pages. Reviewed … Continue reading

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McCoubrey S. (2011) Youth Rights: Who Knows What?

Twenty four youth researchers worked together with Sarah McCoubrey of the Ontario Justice Education Network to investigate the level of legal knowledge of young people. Focusing on five areas that … Continue reading

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Parle, L. (2011) Young Mayors: Looking at the Evidence

In June 2010, IARS was commissioned by the Campaign Company to carry out a piece of youth-led action research to investigate what impact the Young Mayors scheme is having on … Continue reading

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Marsh R., and Earis R. (2011) Restorative Justice: an Introductory Overview

This article will provide an overview of the development of restorative justice and its use within the UK today. It will also examine some of the major challenges facing the profession, exploring its potential for development in … Continue reading

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Harris, A., and Schoop, K. (2011) Rights, Responsibilities and the Big Society

This article will examine the responses of young people to constitutional change in the UK, with a focus on the emerging issues of rights and responsibilities. The reaction to this change, … Continue reading

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Leduc, M. (2011) Tackling Access to Justice in Canada

The legal system presents many challenges for Canadian citizens. The complexity of the system, the language and style in which laws are written, the high costs of lawyers and a general lack of … Continue reading

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Fodden, S. (2011) Public Legal Education in Canada: An Overview

Facilitated by the internet, Canadian public legal education is in the process of becoming organised around significant providers based at the provincial level. While this represents an important advance in … Continue reading

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Cass, R. et al. (2011) Youth Violence and Public Transport: a Youth-led Investigation

Reducing youth violence on London transport is an issue that remains at the top of the policy agenda of public sector agencies, particularly the Metropolitan Police Service and Transport for … Continue reading

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